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+ What is Ligilo?

Ligilo is an online discussion platform designed specifically for communities that get together to learn. Ligilo enables collaborative learning as communities create a knowledge base by utilizing the community’s Wisdom of the Crowds.

+ What makes Ligilo a great tool for collaborative learning?

Meaningful learning occurs when new knowledge is linked to an existing framework of knowledge. Ligilo’s user generated semantic engine technology organizes every post relative to other posts. This means that new knowledge is added to existing knowledge. Building this knowledge base is crucial to creating a learning experience.  Together the community builds an organized knowledge base. In depth analyses and knowledge maps can be generated during or after the discussion. Using Ligilo, every post contributes to creation of Meaningful Learning. 

+ What kinds of communities can most benefit from using Ligilo?

Ligilo is being used by leading universities, as well as in the k-12 setting. Further, Ligilo has been successfully utilized in other communities that came together to learn in both the public sector and the enterprise market

+ What are the pedagogic principles Ligilo is based on?

1. Constructivism - Information items are built one on top of the other. Image your learning community constructing a huge Lego building:  New bricks can always be added, however they need to be placed such that the building continues, or, in other words, in context to other blocks.


2. Social Constructivism  - following Vygotsky and his followers, we believe that knowledge built collaboratively is the most rich and substantial way to learn. 


3. Organized Democracy - Ligilo enables a pluralist discussion which is framed and guided by the educator's skeleton and guidance.


4. Active Learning – because learning must be hands-on.


5. Critical thinking & reasoning – Traditional talkback is not suitable for learning. Using Ligilo, a user must read before reacting, and must think about the context he or she is adding to the discussion.


6. Visual aids - Ligilo enables its community members to view the "big picture" built by the community at any time, from any angle, visually assimilating the knowledge base developed in class.

+ Who is behind Ligilo?

Ligilo is a proprietary discussion technology that was founded by educators and industry experts who were looking to bridge the gap between meaningful learning and social media.

+ What does the name Ligilo stand for?

Ligilo is a hyperlinking tool in Espernato : ligi (“to link”) +‎ ilo (“tool”)

Espernato is the most spoken constructed language in the world, and was invented as an international auxiliary language.

Ligilo thus is a tool in the networked contructed modern language.

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