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Ligilo’s unique discussion platform was developed to utilize discussions for learning. Ligilo organizes the discussion content enabling efficient browsing, filtering, searching, sorting and on demand generation of knowledge maps.


Features for community members include:

  • Following or voting for people or topics.

  • Receiving real time notifications.

  • Ligilo Impact Score lets you know who the top influencers in your learning community are.

  • Upload any kind of content to the discussion.

  • Browse or search the discussion content following semantically organized discussion content.

  • Generate interactive and visual knowledge maps during or after the discussion.

  • Get to know passive community members.

  • Follow breadcrumbs to wisely navigate through the discussion.

  • Get notification emails to make sure you’re updated.

  • Join the discussion on any of your devices, no downloading required.


Feature specific to community managers include:

  • Control the discussion theme by setting a defined discussion outline.

  • Create interactive assignments utilizing your discussion scene.  

  • Evaluate student performance by using the Ligilo advanced performance dashboard & metrics.

  • Easily invite discussion members to join.

  • Set a personzalized notification mail, sent weekly to each of the students to get them back to the discussion scene.




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