+ How do I set up a new discussion?

+ How do I construct an effective skeleton? Can you provide some examples?

+ How do I instruct my students to collaborate on Ligilo? Can you provide some example?

+ Which extra features and permissions do I, as an educator, have?

+ How do I invite my students to my discussion scene?

+ Can I set for an automatic mail with personal notifications for each of my students?

+ Which kinds or targeted notification does Ligilo allow

+ Can I set a right-to-left kind of discussion?

+ How can I empower my students to contribute to the class’s knowledge base?

+ How many students can participate in a single discussion scene?

+ Where can I find technical support?

+ Which information can I get with Ligilo’s reporting system and how can I get the reports?

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+ Is it possible to attach file directly on posts?

+ Forgot my password, how do I restore it?

+ How can I view a map of dicsussed topics around a certain post ?

+ Can I add a relation between two existing posts which were not created as related?

+ How can i follow a certain topic of interest?

+ How can I follow a certain person’s contributions in my community?

+ What does Ligilo’s Impact Factor stands for?

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